So far the exhibition is going really well. The 2nd Graders are about to come and they are one of the last classes. My group has gotten a lot better at grabbing people and forcing them to listen to us. It has been a lot of fun explaining about our problem, exempt, once you explain it over and over again it gets really annoying and your throat starts to hurt. Its an hour until lunch time and I can't wait for that, I'm starving. I'm having a great time trying to grab people and make them listen to us but I still need to work on it. The hardest group of all was the middle schoolers because grades six to ten came all at the same time. Since it was so crowded, when I tried to grab people and make them listen, and got run over by people a lot. Over all the exhibition is fun, tiring and it makes your feet sour.

The picture below shows some students blogging.


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